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    Cruz R103
    Just got a Cruz R103 from a lady down the road for $50... May be a little pricey, but no shipping and handling fee plus two sleeves and a number of styluses so I couldn't say no.

    Never used an Android tablet before. Never used 2.0 before either. (My phone is a 2.2.2.)

    I know that it doesn't have access to Google Play, but I would like to know if there's any way to root it and get apps on there or not. I also know the system isn't that great, but I'd like to be able to download the Kindle app so some books can be ported over to it.

    I'm not expecting a whole lot from it but if someone could let me know what it's furthest capabilities are, I can probably do stuff to it.

    Already got the file from Velocity Micro to do a factory reset on it, then an update. Just don't have a power cable until tomorrow. (It works, it just wasn't charged that much and the lady had to get the charger back from her sister so I can get it tomorrow morning.)

    Basically just looking for someone else that's messed with this model to let me know what I can and can't do. Looks nice and really just want to fix it up for my husband to read books on... Which I'm thinking is the purpose of it anyway. ;)


    PS - Any idea if it'd be able to use something like Square? We have a business and any extra phones/tablets lying around have it installed just in case we need to scan a card.

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