Cruz Tablet...A Good option for the price

Discussion in 'Velocity Micro Tablets' started by ufxss, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Nov 16, 2010
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    I have had my Cruz Table for a week now, and even though I have read a lot of negative reviews actually I like the Tablet.

    • It is a very good erader, which was the main reason why I got it
    • Access to Kindle and Borders
    • Excellent to watch movies ( AVI)
    • It has many add ons , Web browsing, facebook, emails,
    • Good dimensions
    • Very good for traveling
    • It can be charged by the USB conector
    • I have found many applications on SLideMe, all have worked fine
    • Capacitive Touch screen
    • Battery last enough for a day's work
    • Price

    Of course it is not an Ipad, maybe not even a full Tablet, but I consider it a very good unit for Reading ebooks and general purpose.
    No it does not have GPS a camera or Phone access but it delivers what it offers at a very good price

    A lot of people say that it should have more, which I agree if you want to pay more.

    I was thinking to return it to get something better but the options available for $269-$299 are not many
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    Nov 6, 2010
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    Velocity Cruz Tablet
    I took mine back... it just didn't have enough apps and functionality (currently) for the money. I thought I'd try the Huawei S7, as an alternative, but as good as it is, I just couldn't take that resistive screen. The gestures missed sometimes (the device confusing a swipe for a press), and the battery life was terrible (about 4 hours) after the 10 I got on the Cruz Tablet. I plugged in an old ATT sim card, which I presume would reach 911 if I had dialed it -- but it didn't give me any feedback, as if some operability were enabled, but the network was not found. I'm guessing that ATT expected me to register the device before they'd consider it anything more than a vampire, and guessing that therein lay the lack of feedback.

    Forgive the heresy, here..... I bit the bullet and went with the iPad. The touchscreen is twice as good, and much more "accurate" (does what I expect) almost all of the time.. sometimes I have to hold for a 1/2 second.. on the others, I'd have to hold up to a second +... feels like forever compared to a tap. Also, the iPad didn't mistake any gripping on the side for a gesture (though the "wide" bezels are often considered a negative in the iPad.)

    It was great fun playing with the Android devices... maybe I'll get one of those under $100 A-pads just so I can continue to play/learn.
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    Oct 30, 2010
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    Dude don't worry about it. I was pretty close to buying one several times. I had pre-ordered a Archos 101 and got sick of the yo-yo effect. I waited 3 months for one and just lost interest. I ended up buying a used Motion Computing LE1600 off of ebay. It seems to have everything I want. I was also looking at the Huawei S7, Apad, Notion Ink, HP Slater, Cruz Tablet, Viewsonic 10", HTC Google Chrome OS tablet, and a few others. I am gonna wait to see what comes out within the next 6 months and then get one. The ONLY reason I DID NOT BUY a Ipad was the Flash problem.

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