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    Cruz Tablet T103
    Hi, I purchased this Tablet back in Nov for my son's birthday in Feb and he does not want it and gave it back to me, as it will not play facebook games and so fourth, I can't return it now. (I purchased three of them for each of my kids, my one daughter was able to return hers within 90 days, it's been just over that now)
    And if If I would have known that it did not play regular flash and have adobe reader (and i mean the real thing) what good is this thing?
    Is there anyway to get to play facebook games on it?
    I have had nothing but trouble.
    Maybe I should just keep calling tech support un til I bug them enough to give me my money back.
    Everyone says the the Archos 100 10.1 can do all these things because they are going Android 3.0 with a new upgrade fix.
    Whats your thoughts on any of this or do you have any answeres to getting this to work? I appreciate any help.
    Thanks Jamie
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