Crystalview Portable Netbook won't boot.

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    Crystalview Netbook
    I was give an Crystalview portable netbook (7 inch I think, it does not have a model number.) As far as I know it is brand new but I can't figure out how to boot it. When I turn it on, I get a penguin picture, then it switches to a screen that says Android, after a number of seconds the screen turns black and I can find no way to work it. None of the keys seem to do anything, the only way to shut it down is to hold down the power switch until it hard powers off ( the book says not to do this, but it is the only thing that will do anything.) I have tried the reset button on the bottom, both with power on and power off and it seems to have no effect.

    I cannot find Crystalview on Google or anywhere else. The only place I have found mention of it is these forums.

    Appreciate it if you have any insight, I am a pc tech so I am not afraid to get into reloading the os if neccessary but I really would not know where to start on an Android. If anyone knows of a real manual (as opposed to the 8 page one that came with the computer) I would appreciate a link.

    Thanks in advance.
    Jeffery Sitz

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