Cube U30GT not working need to flash it but got not firmware

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    My Cube has become unresponsive after just 4 weeks of getting it. I have been contacting the seller since yesterday when the problem started but the UK website (didobuy) is not replying to my e-mails and as the person in charge of their Amazon site(where I got the tablet from) is not English native we do not seem to understand each other.

    The tablet is currently not in the least functional (it freezes on the initial logo screen after switching it on). Apparently I need new firmware and I have been provided by the Amazon contact with a link to do it myself. Ok I thought sure I can follow on screen steps, but the problem is that this link does not include firmware for my tablet, of the many tablets named on the step two to follow the Cube is not there:

    How to Flash an RK3066 Tablet with New Firmware |

    Please can someone help me? Does anyone know what to do and if you do, can it be explained to me in the most simplistic way possible as I am not a very technological person?
    Many thanks

    Today's (December 14) update:

    Really guys, I would prefer to do it myself instead to send the tablet and wait for another one as I am going away for 3 weeks. Any one willing to help?

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