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    cube u30gth
    I have a problem playing AVI Files. On my Pc I can see perfectly a series of AVI Files that are DIVX - DX50.
    I tranferred the same on my Tablet Cube u30gt-h and some of them works well and others no!!
    I used different Sw-Player like VLC, Real, RockPlayer, Daroon etc, but nobody of them were able to play those File!!! They start for few second telling buffering but after few seconds they come back to the File list.
    Could be a Problem with Codec ? Could be Damaged files? Do you have some Ideas or Suggestion about that? for the First one I tried to download different Codec but no way to see the file!!!!
    Second one I don't think becuse in that case also on PC would be damaged!! Some Ideas ? Suggestions ?
    thanks for your help
    Carlo ​


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