Custom firmware of Rikomagic MK802 IV - W2COMP version 1.1 (20130621)

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    Dear All,

    We are pleased to release our custom firmware of Rikomagic MK802 IV. Special thank you to Ray!

    This is an Android 4.2.2 Rom based on the Latest Rikomagic Firmware from 03.06.2013. The Rom is Rooted.

    Please go to the below link for the firmware link and upgrade guide!

    W2COMP's BLOG: Custom firmware of Rikomagic MK802 IV - W2COMP version 1.1 (20130621)

    What is improving?
    - Bluetooth (Tested with Mouse and Keyboard)
    - Wifi
    - Netflix (Patch includes) Install Netflix and Restart
    - Wifi Streaming
    - RK Remote
    - init.d Support

    Software added:
    - Chrome in Desktop Mode
    - eMedia Center
    - Ultra Explorer
    - Terminal Emulator
    - Reboot App
    - RKGame Control Settings

    We have tested with Rikomagic MK802 IV and it does works.

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    Thank you! This firmware is good from w2comp! But poor wifi antenna design from rikomagic!

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