CyanogenMod 7 Release Threads reach 50 Thousand Views!

Discussion in 'Le Pan Tablets' started by yann2, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Just realized something. Looking at the Stats for the CyanogenMod 7 Beta for the TC970 (Le Pan 1 tablet) release discussion threads, which I have started and maintained both at and

    The number of Views for these threads - adding the LPL, plus the AT forum ones, we are over 50 Thousand views. ;)

    Snapshots from both forums as of Today, October 2, 2012 : (30,018 views) :

    [​IMG] (20,623 views) :


    I find that very nice, and a sign that they have done what they were originally created for - spreading the word and helping people getting a BETTER Operating System for their Le Pan 1 tablets.

    Credit for the CM7 port for LP1 is all to Cas_xp. Chinabull made a huge advance in providing us a port of ClockWorkMod for the LP1, which makes it all possible. And Franco, aka fv+ at XDA Developers started it all, by creating a firmware authentication tool that made it possible to run CWM in the fist place. Thank you so much, gentlemen. ;)

    Sharing this here, with anyone who is interested in getting more from their hardware; you CAN do better than the factory-shipped operating system, there's work in progress to create BETTER alternatives not only for the Le Pan 1, but also the II, and sometime in the future, maybe the S model.

    Besides the Release Discussion threads, whose stats I mentioned above, my very own CM7 Step-by-Step Installation Guide has got over 20,000 Views (currently 15,106 and 5,759).

    As editor, maintainer, general troubleshooter and cheerleader in these threads, I feel very happy to see them so successful.

    Cheers, friends, hope you enjoy your CM7 enhanced LP1. ;)
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