CyanogenMod Team Goes Commercial, Bullet-Proof Installer Coming Soon

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    From the article at Androidcentral:

    CyanogenMod has come a long way since the project started. I remember seeing the beginnings in the G1 threads over at XDA, and have watched the project grow and grow. Today, founder Steve Kondik has announced that they are officially a start-up on the company's website. But not everything will change — Kondik makes it clear that CM will always be about the users.

    In all that chaos there have been projects that do it ‘right’, simultaneously supporting the company and the community—this is where CM will go. Our community is our biggest asset. With any change in structure like this, questions about motives and reason are going to need answered. The new products we have created should give you an idea about our motivation, and where we are going.

    The new start-up has received over $7 million in funding led by Benchmark Capital — a name familiar to fans of RedHat and others. In a quote given to the Verge, Kondik and CEO Kirt McMaster say they have many ideas to pull a profit to keep things afloat.

    CyanogenMod team goes commercial, bullet-proof installer coming soon | Android Central

    Seems like an interesting move.
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    Now that the CyanogenMod team is a company, it will need some way to generate revenue. I don’t know how it’ll do that, but luckily, the folks will be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit later today. Keep an eye on the CyanogenMod Twitter for an announcement and start asking questions! I can’t wait to learn more about this company, but I'm very excited about what CyanogenMod can bring to the table now that it’s an actual company.

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