Dark Legends Coming Soon: First Teaser Trailer for New Mobile MMORPG (Video)

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    If you are a fan of MMORPGs, and also like vampires and monsters, then you may be intrigued by this new game coming out sometime in the first quarter of this year. The game is called Dark Legends, and the developer, Spacetime Studios, just released a teaser for the game. This is the same developer that created Pocket Legends which was the first 3D MMO that plays across both iOS and Android. The teaser is just FMV at the moment, and doesn't show any actual gameplay, but it does show off the premise. The cool factor is pretty high. If the production values on the gameplay are anywhere near as good as the teaser, then this could be a really good game for mobile devices. Here's a statement about the game from the developer:

    One of the interesting things about this developer is that their games will work on iOS, Android and Chrome. This game, like some of their others, has been designed and optimized to allow cross-platform MMORPG gameplay from the ground up.

    Source: Dark Legends and Spacetime Studios
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    The video has been removed

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