Day 4 with my Xoom

Discussion in 'Motorola Tablets' started by pbrauer, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Since the purpose of this experiment is to test the Xoom and put it through its paces as a user, I thought that this would be best served if I continued to use it completely stock. This is now officially the longest I have had a tablet that I have not already either tried to root, or have completed the rooting process, it is a little strange!

    All that being said, I have done the OTA to get the Xoom to 3.2, that went pretty much without a hitch. I then did a full wipe and reset just to see how that worked, and it also went ok. Got it back and running, the whole process took about 20 minutes.

    I have connected the tablet to both my home WiFi, which uses WPA/WPA2 PSK and my work WiFi which uses EAP, they are both working just fine. I try to have the tablet use the local WiFi whereever possible (although I do switch at work at times since they block Facebook). I have also gotten it to connect to my VZW T-Bolt's WiFi tether just for testing purposes. Wanted to see if the performance was better since the tablet is still 3G and the T-Bolt is 4G. Would be nice to have the tablet running 4G, that would definitely make it worth the price of admission.

    I am also now running it with my Logitech Keyboard and MS BT Mouse. Since I have been an Evernote users for a long time, and have been doing meeting notes in it, this works a treat to take my notes and get them distributed. Makes it a great business tool for me.

    I went over to the local Best Buy for a case for the tablet. Note to Verizon / Great Plains, if you are going to ship out a $600 bit of kit for testing, maybe you should include some form of case for the equipment!

    Performance is very good. Using my g-Tablet as a comparison it boots up quickly, transitions are snappy, and multi-tasking seems to be smooth. Stability is also excellent, I have only had one Force Close, and that is with the Facebook App. Since I can always use the built-in browser, this is not so much of an issue.

    I am heading into my first weekend with the device, so now I will be testing it as the weekend toy. I have installed and tested Netflix, that is working, as well as Latitude. These, along with Facebook, are my main weekend apps. We will see how it functions as just my toy instead of my work platform!

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