Definitive way to boot into recovery 3 mid7125

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2 Technical' started by bfisbell, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Okay so Ive searched the entire forum for a step by step method for booting into recovery so that one could wipe user data and cache because i was stuck in a boot loop at the Coby screen and there seems to be anyone who can explain it step by step so by painstaking button pressing I finally found it for myself and here it is:

    1. Plug the usb cord into the pc and the tablet
    2. Allow the drivers to install
    3. Use a paper clip to depress the pin reset button and hold it
    4. With reset still depressed hold the circular "home" button and power button simultaneously (you'll hear your pc release drivers as tablet powers off)
    5. Release pin reset
    6. Listen to your pc to load the drivers again and as soon as you hear the windows system sound for the drivers having been loaded release the home and power button
    7. You'll now see the download mode icon (Caution triangle and Android robot) at this point (must do this quickly) depress the circular home button again (in some cases I had to press twice).

    Voila! You should now see blue righting and choices that are navigated with volume up and down and chosen with the home button.

    If you want to restore to factory settings choose to wipe everything then reboot.


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