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    The following are devices I have worked with past or present, I will do my best to keep it updated... Please note this is a list of devices not just items I own but items I have actively sought to run code upon, I will also include gaming consoles that I consider to be close in reference to the hardware being seen in tablets these days.

    Active Devices
    Ainol ELF II
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Nintendo Wii U
    Samsung Galaxy AcE x2
    RK3066 Google TV
    Sony PlayStation 3
    Ainol Aurora II
    HTC Legend / G6
    AMPE / NOVA 10 A31
    Momo9 A13
    Nintendo Wii

    Inactive or Retired Devices
    Galaxy 550
    Microsoft Xbox 360
    Ainol Crystal
    Le Pan TC970
    Ainol Hero
    iPad 1

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