(Devs Only) 3.2.1 Honeycomb System Dump

Discussion in 'Vizio Tablets' started by kaos420, Mar 16, 2012.

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    mods please sticky this!

    what we have here is a fresh system dump of the latest 3.2.1 honeycomb update. this is not flashable yet by any means. so don't bother trying. don't ask for eta's or just plain idiotic questions. I have started this thread in attempts for the minds that be to come together in attempts to find a weak spot or a chink in the armor so to speak. this is mearly a attempt to find root on the latest update. or even to keep root for those like myself on .56 still rooted. i pulled this off my wifes non-rooted vtab. so please idea ways you have tried post here. so with all the talking kicked to the side. here it is.

    3.2.1 honeycomb dump.rar

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