DG2.20 Froyo File manager replacements

Discussion in 'Sylvania Tablets' started by st0ne, Apr 10, 2011.

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    Sylvania 7" Mini Tablet Express
    I have 2.2 on my EX7 and the file manager has changed from "My Device" 2.1 to "My Pad" 2.2
    Well My Pad does not have the FTP option. It seems to not like my SD card as it wont let me copy anything to it saying that its full. There is no option to format the SD card in the settings.
    And When ever I plug in or pull out a USB flash drive there is an SD card error and I have to eject it and re insert it to get it to remount or I have to go into settings and re mount it from there.

    I have been using the IOFile manager that came with 2.2 that wasnt part of 2.1. With IO I can copy files from anywhere to the SD card and back. maybe this is here because they know My Pad dosnt work.

    But I have an FTP server on my NAS and like having that there to pull a video or some music in a flash on the way out the door.
    So what are the other file managers out there? What are you all using? Anyone know of one that has the FTP option?
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    I use EStrongs file explorer. It has FTP as one of the options. Works good. It is what I use to connect to my NAS.

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