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Discussion in 'Google Tablets' started by cyx.bradyx, Dec 17, 2012.

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    Asus Nexus 7
    I never use my Tablet for 2 weeks and so I keep it in my drawer. After 2 weeks i turn it on and saw something strange on my device.





    or for the full video here is the link:



    dropped: NO

    Screen/ Lcd crack: NO

    Spilled with any liquid: NO

    Touch Response : OK

    Sounds/speaker/Audio : OK

    Warranty : Expired

    Sometimes It goes back to normal but then it the end the defect takes place.
    Repair cost too much, which is pushing me to buy new tablet. So I'm asking for advice what would be the problem of the Unit.

    Are their wires or loose connections involve?

    ..What i had done so far was to disassemble/teardown the Unit which was illustrated in the youtube :

    But no luck, I thought it would be the connections in the mother board or something, but it's not. maybe the connection wires in the LCD itself.
    So guys, do you have any idea about the problem? any suggestions?

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