difficulty connecting transformer to PC

Discussion in 'Asus TF201 Forum' started by dr.droid, Mar 6, 2012.

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    asus transformer prime tf 201
    hi, i just bought the asus transformer prime, which is the first tablet i owned, so i do not have much experience. i am trying to connect the tablet to my PC in order to transfer information such as PDF files and music files from my PC to my tablet. when i connect the device to my PC i can see the folders of the device in "my computer" but they all appear empty.. i cannot see the pictures i have taken with the tablet in the DCIM folder, and every time i try to transfere music from PC to tab i receive the message "file cannot be transferred because it may not exist or is used by another program" even though it is not. i also tried transferring PDF files from my PC but they are never copied and i receive a message saying "no compatible program exists in system", even though i have downloaded adobe reader.

    also when i connected my USB drive to my tablet, i could open it and see all the files in it, even open and viw powepoint presenations and PDF files, but i could not transfer them to my tablet, and i keep receiving the message "transfer failed"..

    i hope someone can help me..
    thanks in advance

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