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    New member and quite surprised to find a forum for the Sero 7 pro here. Of course, it managed to do a faceplant at 5 feet on the concrete and no protection coverage. I would love to make it useful again. It's simple enough to tear down. I'm looking for any information anyone might know on the digitizer glass. Part number maybe? Has anyone seen it around on any vendor sites (I've checked the usual sites where I've found replacement parts for phones). A long shot,(yes I know the resolution differences) but maybe the LT uses the same digitizer, just different hardware driving the graphics.

    Other than hoping to randomly come across a salvageable part on ebay, I'm out of ideas.

    Thanks for any help.
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    Trying to be helpful, but there are some nexus 7 assembly, which would i guess upgrade your tablet due to glass, found in ebay. They are quite cheap compared to original google parts but I am sure more expensive to those other 7 inch digitizer plus glass assembly found in ebay....

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