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Discussion in 'Allwinner A13 Based' started by devonejones, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Dec 21, 2012
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    a13 allwinener

    signed upto discuss my new tablet pcs, tried yahoo answers at first but no responces

    i bought two tablets from different suppliers on ebay, they're more or less the same but they not

    here's the boxes they came in, one looks proffesional with all the specs on the side, the others a blank box

    im terrible at taking pictures but the android ui is black on one and bluey on the other, if you look at the left handside menu....

    can i change that somehow ? i didnt see any options for it in settings

    $menu color.jpg

    you may also notice the sizes of the icons on the taskbar, ones small ones large... .once again im wondering if i can change it? because im sure the tablets the same resolution

    i also notices i can turn the brightness almost right down completly on one device and its still pretty bright
    but on the other it has to remain over 50% otherwise its too dark,

    neither is bad they just seem the complete opposite

    $bright1.jpg $bright2.jpg

    the one camera is 0.5 megapixels, the other 1.5 tbh the 0.5 is so much better but maybe thats because i dont like playing around with the fluorescent/cloudy options it seems to have which messes with the lighting also hard to even select that menu anyway

    hmm what else to say

    im interested in what the battery stats mean


    ones has crazy high stats, the other very low for wifi etc

    heres some info i wrote down awhile ago

    model number: softwinerevb
    screen 35%
    tablet idle 46%
    wifi 20%
    kernel version sep 14


    model number: q8-a13
    screen 93%
    android system 4%
    wifi 3%
    kernel version nov 2

    not sure why model numbers different
    i noticed the kernel on the one tablet is older... how do i update it? what difference would it make

    o i almost forgot the most important question of all

    if you notice the pics i posted earlier, one battery has been running 1 hour
    the other 2 days !

    the battery time resets on the one device
    but the other which says 2 days just continues to grow why is that? is that an issue?

    also the tablet with 3500mah capacity seems crappier than the 3100 if thiers any difference atall, infact the 3100 tablet seems a heavier weight for some reason

    i plan to sell one, i just cant decide which

    o btw the ac adaptor charger has a light on it,
    but the otherone doesnt i got to guess when its done charging or press the power button to check

    these small details leads me to beleive 1 maybe better than the other

    one has 8gb of memory the other 4gig but i dont think thats of any importance

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    Onda 8" & iPad2 through work.
    Not sure what brands you have, but suffice it to say the A13 chipset is pretty low on the list.

    It probably goes back to you needing a brand that has some sort of support. The better names do, i.e.; Onda; Teclast; Ainol; SmartQ.

    If neither of these do, I would choose the 8 Gb model and learn all I can from the forums on how to improve / use it ...get rid of the other.

    I wish you well.
  3. 84eddy

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    Dec 4, 2012
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    a13 softwinerevb
    nuclear_evb-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20120912
    ples some one help , who have this img stock rom,please upload, many people finding this rommm

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