Disgo 6000 Firmware

Discussion in 'Sylvania Tablets' started by ImagineThat, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Sylvania SYNET7LP
    Back in Demeber both the Sylvania SYNET7LP and the Disgo 6000 got OTA updates, but they likely came from seperate servers. As it appears that the Disgo hardware is the same as the Sylvania, perhaps some dumps from the Disgo and copies of the update file(s) would come in handy for custom ROM development for both units.

    1) Is somebody out there with a Disgo able to dump the partition images? It's a simple process, and we can give detailed steps if needed.

    2) Has or can anybody capture how the disgo is checking for updates, and what it does once it downloads an update file (on the SYNET7LP this is contained within the settings.apk program)?

    3) Can somebody post the update files that the disgo has downloaded?


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