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    Disgo 7000
    I have just bought a Disgo 7000 tablet. I am finding the limited number of apps frustrating. I was wondering if anyone could help with a few questions. I have tried searhing this forum and the internet but not had much luck. This is my first tablet and first experience of Android.
    1) On Getjar there is no device listed for the 7000. Any idea what one I should chose as my device? Same as slideme.
    2) I cant find links to the latest Puffin browser anywhere other than Android market which is not installed on this tablet. Any idea where I can find it. I did install one that then said I needed to upgrade to latest version, which I cant locate.
    3) I dont want to root the thing as I have only just bought it, however I saw a tutorial on how to install android market on a Coby Kyos which is meant to work. Has anyone tried this and is it ok to do so?

    Any help on how to get this thing working well and getting the most from it would be greatly appreciated.


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