Do i got a 7024, 70244g or 7025? And how do i install a rom on it?

Discussion in 'Coby Generation 2' started by narwaana, Feb 2, 2012.

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    I got a problem, ive just bought a used coby of tradera (swedish ebay) and the seller claimed that it was an almost unused MID7024-4g, and that what it says on the box. The box however do also say that the device runns 2.3 (wich neither MID7024 or MID70244g were shipped whit if im rightly informed.)
    The back of the device says MID7024, so therefore i tryed to root it with the most known methods for 7024, kyros root, super one click etc. they all failed.
    when i checked "about device" it told me Model number MID7025 and android version 2.3. (at this point i got realy confused since ive seen nothing about a 7025 before, its not even listed on cobys website.)
    Since i could not find any info on how to root 7025, i focused on apps that were made for 2.3 gingerbread. Thats when i found Gingerbreak.
    It seemed to work since it rebooted my device and installed Superuser, however i cant uppgrade superuser, and some apps still dont get root privileges.

    Im going through all the trouble since i whant to install a slimmer rom, and be able to connect via ad-hoc to my xperia.
    Im stuck atm, been trying to install a rom called KTZROM-BLOAT-DUPPER-BD-50-93 wich is claimed to work with all corby tablets.
    Been using ROM manager, but cant get it to reboot into recovery...
    Do anyone got any idea of what i can do? Do i even work with the device i think it is (MID7025) ?

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    AFAIK all ROMs from KTZ are for Telechips based models. If 7025 is a newer or similar version of 7024 then it won't work because x024 models have different hardware (Samsung). It's always risky to install a firmware that wasn't tested specifically on your model, but if you can verify that your CPU is indeed a Samsung S5PV210 (smdkv210 board with SGX540 GPU) then you can try a custom ROM for 7024. These models don't have recovery mode like others and there is no CWM for them as well. But if it fails you will be on deep trouble because there is no backup ROM, etc. I've seen newer MID1024 models (1204n board) that came with Android 2.3 pre-installed and they worked fine with a custom firmware, but there is also a similar model with another board (1025_v5) that simply bricks if you install any firmware for 1024n.

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