Does anyone else have any issues with this Task Manager app?

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    I know most Task Manager apps are probably pretty useless (unless you guys recommend one for me, I have an ASUS TF300), but I downloaded this one recently (just so you know which one I'm referring to):

    Everything seemed to work fine, until the last week leading up to today when I installed it. My tablet started to throw errors over and over again very frequently saying "Unfortunately, USA Today has stopped", meaning the app had crashed in the background. I started to uninstall and test the few apps I installed recently, and tested it 1 by 1. I eventually found that my problem stopped after uninstalling Task Manager.

    Perhaps it could be that this manager was killing the app (I had auto-kill set up) in the background and causing it to throw that crash message...but I have no way to be sure, seeing as I'm not a developer, only a minor tech geek and Android enthusiast, and I don't know how to read code or logs to figure out for sure what the problem is.

    So my question was just if anyone else has had a problem of similar likeness with this app like I did? (Also, good task manager/killer app suggestions or recommendations are welcome).

    Thanks guys!


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