Does anyone out there in Nook Color Land use OnLive?

Discussion in 'Nook Color Apps and Games' started by LocalStain, Jun 7, 2011.

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    This just popped up OnLive Player app for iPad and Android tablets meets the public at E3 -- Engadget and I was curious if anyone on the forum utilized the service.

    If so what is the experience like? I looked into it and read the reviews and for a moment toyed with the idea but in the end I couldn't justify the cash as I am not that much of a gamer.

    This however is a whole different ballgame. If I can use my NC or another future :cool:Android tablet:cool: as a game controller/streamer I may be sold.


    So if anybody has any personal feedback on the OnLive system I would love to hear about it.

    Thanks in advance,

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    i talked to the OnLive folks today at E3 - really great technology - it essentially brings highend gaming to your android or ipad device - unfortuantely for the Android, they only have the viewer at the moment - which means you can jump in an observe players playing live - kinda like ghost mode in counterstrike - however they are hard at work on developing the player which lets you play the games - the tech guy i talked to says fall timeframe. In additiona they have a bluetooth controller that can interface with your android tablet so you can control the gameplay

    they had a working player client with an iPad - it was pretty cool - played homefornt on it - it was a little hard trying to control the aiming while holding the ipad - but i am sure once you get used to it it should ok - the version i played, your guy is moving automatically forward and you just move him left and right and aim the gun

    it played ok and smooth/responsive - the graphics are fine - not as good as a pc but similar in my eyes to xbox

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