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Discussion in 'Allwinner A13 Based' started by Bubba Ray Fett, Feb 20, 2015.

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    So I bought one of these DoPo M-975 tablets from Wal-Mart a little over a year ago. It looked good and came with a keyboard case and seemed to be what I needed. Well, for whatever reason, this tablet has decided to get stuck in some sort of boot loop -- it comes up to the Android screen, but never actually fully goes into the OS.

    I contacted Double Power about this issue, and after giving me excuses, finally came right out and said that they wouldn't send me the firmware for this tablet. Instead, they wanted me to send it in to them and pay $20 plus shipping for them to reflash it with the proper firmware. Now, I've flashed a number of devices in the past, including a Notion Ink Adam, a couple of Visual Land tablets, and several phones. My current devices are a Nook HD+ and a Samsung Galaxy S Relay, both running Cyanogenmod 11. So I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to flash this M-975. Bottom line, though, is that I can't get the ROM from Double Power. So I'm either looking for a copy of the current ROM, or preferably, a version of CM10/11 that supports this tablet.

    Anyway, here are the specs on this M-975:

    Firmware: softwinerf900h_V1.1.12_20130518_m802_e0dd948

    Motherboard information (silkscreened on the motherboard itself):

    Processor: Allwinner A13
    Touchscreen controller: Goodix GT911
    Power Management: AXP209
    Wifi chipset: Realtek
    Flash and memory chips: SK hynix

    Anyone got anything that might help me out?

    Thanks, y'all.

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