Downloading pics from USB sd card reader

Discussion in 'Acer Iconia Tab A500 Forum' started by mcamis, Dec 10, 2011.

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    I can get this tablet to see pictures that are on a regular sd card plugged into an sd card reader plugged into the usb port. However, I can't figure out how to download certain pictures onto the tablets memory. This is going to be a Christmas gift and that is the key thing the person wants it to do. Any ideas?
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    You need to install a file manager from the market.
    I use File Manager HD.
    You open it and may need to hit the up icon at the top to see the usb memory.
    Once you find the photo you want to move hold your finger on it until you see several options.
    touch copy then go to where you want it on the tablet and it will say paste at the top of the screen.
    If you have several to move hit the multi icon at the top and then touch each file to move and then select move.
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    This tutorial on youtube shows how to do this using the Astro File Manager:

    There are several of these file managers, and thre is no point in paying for them, the best ones are free.

    As Frnkws mentioned above, the External_SD card and USB storage are attached to the file system as directories, not as drive letters as you would see in Windows.

    So the USB card reader will show up in the directory /mnt/usb_storage

    However, the home directory (where the file managers always start) is /sdcard so you have to change directories Up to get to where you can find USB_Storage.

    The following are all reasonably good file managers:
    File Manager HD
    ES File Explorer

    If you have a wifi network at home, all of these file managers can also see any folders you share on your computer without using a card reader, so you can copy files to and from your computer without cables.

    Oh, and if you start plugging and unplugging cards into your card reader you will sooner or later confuse the tablet. Each time you plug in a card, it scans the card for file types it knows how to deal with, and builds thumbnails for all images. If you get impatient, and yank the card out before this is done it will pretty soon just ignore the card reader all together until you reboot. So give it a few minutes to purge its thumbnail cache after you eject a card before inserting a new one. The bigger the card and the more files on it the longer this takes.
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