Dragon Touch 7 wont Reinstall Firmware

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    Dragon Touch 7
    I bought my grandson a Dragon Touch 7 tablet Allwinner A10 Android

    He locked it up and does not remember his gmail to get back into it. I contact the company (not much help from them) They sent me a link to reinstall the firmware but for some reason the image folder has nothing it when I try to open it and the video that they have does very little to show you what to do because it skips showing steps. So I am not sure I am doing it right. They even told me to do another way of putting it on a TF/MicroSD card but that does not work either. Does anyone have any other way that I can get this reset?

    This is the instructions that they told me to do

    1. Download the PC re-installation tool (PC Tool) and the correct firmware file (*.IMG) from the links in the above table.
    2. Please unzip tool.zip and copy the files to folder C:\ROM reflash\ (if there is not a folder named as this, create it)
    3. Please copy firmware image file (*.IMG) C:\ROM reflash\img\
    4. Run C:\ROM reflash\PhoenixUSBpro.exe
    5. Click on Key icon. Select key file as C:\ROM reflash\key\AW_Product.key
    6. Click on image icon. Select firmware image file under C:\ROM reflash\image\*.IMG
    7. Click "Start" button on PhoenixUSBpro. Status icon on right should turn green.
    8.Press and hold volume (-) button while connecting tablet to computer through USB cabel. When connected, press and release power button quickly for 3 times, then relese volume (-) button.
    9. Your computer will recognize new hardware. A pop up question will ask you to install driver, or, you can click on the un-recognized USB device icon in the system notification area to install the driver. When installing the driver, select browse for driver, locate driver folder to C:\ROM reflash\UsbDriver\ , check box "include subfolders", click "Continue".
    10. Allow the computer to install the driver.
    11. After the drive is installed. Software should re-flash ROM automatically. When done, disconnect tablet. Charge for 20mins before powering on tablet.
    12. Click on "Stop" before closing PhoenixUSBpro.exe



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