Dragon Touch Y88X Plus

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    • Free Disney Content (more than $60 Value) included: With pre installed 10 audio e-Books, such as Monsters University, Big Hero and Brave, and 3 educational game apps
    • Endless entertainment: Kidoz Playground. Pre-installed Kidoz enables kids access to millions of videos clips, paintings, and educational games for unlimited exploration, play and learning.
    • Premium Parent Control: The pre-installed premium version of Kidoz offers much more control for parents.
    • Eye-pleasing Display: The 178-degree wide angle view IPS screen presents sharp and clear content for kids. With 1GB RAM and Android 5.1 OS, kids can play themselves without any complaints about lagging.
    • Exclusively Designed Case: The 2nd Gen of protecting silicone case comes with adjustable stand, which frees the labor of holding the tablets.

    Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids Tablet IPS Display w/ Kid-safe Apps installed

    - Wanna have your time thinking or do your matters without kids bothering Mom or Dad’s company?

    - Wanna getting rid of kids fighting for one tablet?

    - Wanna your kids have their tablets in sound and good condition?

    - Wanna a tablet suitable for your kids’ hands?

    Dragon Touch Y88X Plus Kids Tablet surely satisfies all your demand. It’s the best choice.


    World for entertainment

    Game apps & audio e-Books from Disney: included 3 games app & 10 audio e-Books with classic

    Disney characters, both are interesting and educational.

    Kidoz perfect for kids: With new content all the times, kids never get bored. Video clips, online games, paintings and cameras, all entertain your kids and unleash their creativity.


    Advanced version of Y88X Kids Tablet

    l IPS display offers wide angle view and eye-pleasing contents. Upgrade to 1GB RAM and Android 5.1 Lollipop for faster multitasking, more responsive apps and better performance.

    l Ability to better monitor kids’ activities with parent control and encouragement under Kidoz.

    l Durable silicone case with stand: Free kids’ hands of holding the tablet while watching videos, as well as protect the tablets from dust and drop.


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