Droid 2.1 op System

Discussion in 'Ecargoonline.com' started by rlungren, May 2, 2011.

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    Can anyone direct me to a site I can download the Droid 2.1 Operating System for my 10.1 Inch Google Android 2.1 Apad Tablet PC with Infomix ix220 Processor HDMI and Ethernet Interface SKU: [M1006]? I'm not sure what happened but the OpSys crashed. I have tried contacting ecargoonline whom I purchased it from in Dec 2010 but they apparently aren't interested in Customer Support. I also tried ChinaApad and ChinaDigitalCommunity. No Luck with either of them. There must be a site some where. My New APAD is basically useless. Thanks, rich


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