Dropad from ebay - have I been had?

Discussion in 'Vendor Services Discussion' started by pcspinheiro, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Hi guys!

    I just got interest in the whole apad/dropad/herotab etc alternative to the pricey ipad. I wanted something to check the news, read books, internet and watch some movies on the go while traveling. After much research I decided that I would get this little toy here

    CAPACITIVE TABLET Pad i Android 2.3 SAMSUNG CPU APAD PC on eBay (end time 08-Jul-11 22:44:47 BST)

    which was more expensive than most but also had superior specs. However, CPU benchmarking revealed a 1GHz processor instead of 1.2, the used + free Ram never reaches more than 280 MB instead of 512, the free + used space on the internal memory is about 3 GB instead of 8Gb and the android version reads 2.3.1 and not 2.3.4... Could the device be reporting this information wrong? I seem to be missing a whole 5GB of storage, 1/5 processor speed and 1/2 RAM... The screen is great and it runs relatively smooth but I'm still pretty annoyed as I could have similar specs for less!!! Have already complained to the seller but no reply so far.

    Is there an android app that I can use to get info on the actual hardware configuration? I've been googling about that for the past hour but maybe I'm using the wrong search keywords?

    Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated!

    Cheers from Copenhagen!

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