Dual Core 9.7 inch IPS Screen Ramos W22Pro Latest News !

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    Last month on HongKong Electronic Fair, Ramos announced three dual core tablets: Ramos W13Pro, Ramos W17Pro, Ramos W22Pro. Ramos W17Pro was launched and got a great market response, now Ramos W13Pro and Ramos W22Pro are coming soon. Here are some official news about Ramos W22Pro:

    Launching Date
    Ramos said Ramos W22Pro would hit the market late May or early June if nothing unexpected stands in the way, so there is no doubt that we will see the 9.7 inch dual core tablet next month.


    Dominant frequency
    Max dominant frequency of dual core AML8726-MX CPU is 1.5GHz. Ramos W17Pro run at 1.2GHz frequency at first and frequency improved by upgrading firmware. Ramos W22Pro will probably run at 1.5GHz, this is a dramatical improvement.


    HDMI & Infrared Interface
    HDMI & Infrared Interface combined with Amlogic powerful video decoding capacity, Ramos W22Pro could be used as a TV Box and the user even may surf the Internet on TV, convenient and amazing !


    Ramos W17Pro shocked the market for its ourstanding specification and low price. Comes with 9.7 inch IPS screen and dual core CPU, how much will Ramos W22Pro be ? Ramos hasn't given more details on price, let's looking forward the great tablet together.

    Ramos W17Pro is available on Androidinabox, order now: Ramos W17 Pro - 7 inch Dual Core Tablet Android 4.0 WiFi Only $149.99!

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