Dual Core Gemei G9T Review

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    Gemei G9T is a new dual core android tablet released by Gemei, here we have a full review on the tablet.

    300% Performance Speedup
    Carrying Amlogic MX Cortex-A9 Dual Core and 40nm design, Gemei G9T frequency is as high as 1.5GHz and 512kb secondary buffer memory is up to 7500 DMIPS. These specification improvements result 300% performance speedup. The latest steady Android 4.0 operating system releases high speed and fluency of A9 dual core.

    High Speed 3D Game
    Gemei G9T adopts ultra high frequency many core Mali400 GPU 3D speed-up engine, which is two times faster than single core Mali400. 45M triangle and 800M pixel angle with Cortex-A9 Dual Core CPU, 1G 1333M high frequency DDR3, Gemei G9T may run all kinds of 3D games clearly and smoothly.

    High Speed Internet Browsering
    Using Broadcom WIFI module, which is the same as Apple iPad, the modemn compatibility is excellent. From the latest Wi-Fi 802.11n standard to Wi-Fi 802.11b/g standard, the speed will go 300M. Internet webpage loading time is short and with flash decoding technology online video playing is fast. 1080P full HD video and almost all main video formats are supported.

    Excellent Operating Experience
    Taking original 2nd generation IPS screen, Gemei G9T screen accuracy and transmittance are even better than iPad 2. The ten point touch enables the user experience the high acccurate and sensitive G+G glass screen.

    Dual Camera
    High quality camera material and dual core CPU & many core GPU improve the camering effect. The dual webcam design is convenient for video chatting and taking photos.

    Long Standby & Safe Charging
    Gemei G9T has C1E Dynamic Frequency Modulation and EIST Dynamic Technology, which allows the hardware change the battery usage automatically. Long standby is expected on Gemei G9T. Gemei G9T uses the same charger as iPad, this ensures safe charging on Gemei G9T.

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