Ebay purchase Flytouch??

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction & Forum Website Assistance' started by panhard, Nov 12, 2010.

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    I just received the Irobot tablet from an ebay seller...I have to say even if it is a flytouch I was quite impressed. However...I am still not sure what version of android it is running and any updates seem to be risky at best as it has the deadly build Number....WMT2.0_105.
    Connecting to a pc has been till now impossible though the usb adapter seems to work with flash drives and yes the Ethernet does work. Still it's main use will be as an ebook reader for my daughter & youtube is her favorite app..She uses it as well to do research on the web for homework. I also loaded how to tame your dragon which plays quite well. So all in all a good buy. Maybe the clones are not so bad??

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