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Discussion in 'Asus Tablets' started by Himmelhorse, Jul 5, 2012.

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    ASUS transformer Prime TF201
    Hello world and welcome to my day,

    I am really a newbie in the tablet world and I am somewhat mystified by the lack of any procedural instructions from ASUS distributed with the tablets.

    Having said that, I have to admit to being incredibly impressed with this device, albeit with nothing to compare it to, and having graduated to tablet from Sony Ereader.

    I bought the TF201 for reading books, watching movies whilst travelling and for the email/internet access whilst away

    The emails/internet works extremely well ... Movies are not a problem .... EBooks ...Hmmmmm.

    Can somebody tell me what the correct procedure for loading these books is and what software I have to download in order to accommodate EPUB and or PDF.

    I took the micro sd from the Sony Ereader and inserted it into the slot in the tablet. The tablet indicates external sd storage and when I click on it I can access the contents of the disk. So far so good. Next I click on the EPUB library and the tablet shows both the cover Jpeg and the title of the book. Clicking on the book title, the tablet instantly shows "loading" and about 2 seconds later goes back to the previous screen.

    I then downloaded FBreader software but I cannot find that anywhere???? and the procedure remains the same.

    PDF files work after asking what program I want to load the books with, but, on most of the books it gives me a full screen of the cover and the text is microscopic and unreadable without a magnifying glass and my ancient eyes are not really that bad lol.

    I feel sure that I could solve this problem if I could only find the FBreader or get the tablet to ask me to load the book with FBreader.

    Any ideas or solutions would be extremely gratifying and I thank repliers in advance.

    Regards to all

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    ASUS TF101
    Thanks for joining us here Tony!

    It boggles my mind how these devices are sen out with such lite info and manuals.

    But, do not fear - check out this guide on a sister forum that is dedicated to Asus tablets: http://www.transformerforums.com/fo...-site-assistance/21032-master-help-guide.html. It should do a good job of helping you get accustomed to your new toy.

    Under the Application section there is a link for e-reader tips and tricks.

    Have a look through that and let us know how you make out in the end.
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