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    eee transfomer

    I got my eee Transformer with keyboard dock today and it's good but not perfect. Having come from a Wintel background and owning an Apple iPod touch the Android interface is not totally intuitive. Playing videos didn't work first time but I've got there in the end. The keyboard is pretty good although I know this isn't necessarily the intended normal configuration. I have gmail, 4 pop email and exchange accounts set up and working a simple process once I worked out how to add an account.

    Screen looks good and browsing is great and the docking and undocking is just cool.

    Downsides have been the browser crashing once and the marketplace is not tablet friendly so it makes finding apps tailored for tablets complicated. The lattest niggle is accidentally hitting the trackpad while typing this via the keyboard.

    Of course I've only been playing with this for a couple of hours and I wasn't expecting to get this until early June. Updating is a breeze so let's hope 3.1 is released soon.


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