Eight Apps to Improve Android Smartphone or Tablet's Battery Life (Slideshow)

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    Summary: If you agree with me that little is as miserable as having your Android smartphone or tablet die of premature battery exhaustion, then you'll want to check these applications out.

    [​IMG] By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols for Linux and Open Source |October 4, 2013 -- 12:13 GM

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    Maxing Android Battery Life

    This Motorola Droid 4 has a great keyboard and it runs Android 4.1.2, a version of Jelly Bean. I like this phone. I love this keyboard. And, while Android 4.1.2 isn't Android 4.3, it's none too shabby. So what's wrong with this picture?
    Notice something about the screen? It's off. And, why is it off? It's off because the battery has run out of juice AGAIN!


    Of course, all battery powered devices do this and, as 4G LTE phones go, my Droid 4, with its 8 hours of active use time, isn't bad at all.

    But, I want more. I want the maximum possible battery life for my smartphone and my 2012 Nexus 7 and 2013 Nexus 7. Of course, the first thing I did was to use all the various tricks to maximize my Android devices' battery life.

    That helped, but I wanted more. If you're like me and only the best battery life will do you need to check out these applications. They'll help you to make the most of your Android smartphone and tablet's batteries.

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