Eken A90 dead... should I go for dual core?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by spookydad, Jul 3, 2012.

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    I bought an Eken A90 from Android-sale.com about a month ago. I had it all set up with the latest cm9 and it was running great. I went to add some pdf files to read via the usb cable, the screen flashed, the pc speaker buzzed and the tablet went dead. This is the same computer and cable that I had been flashing it with so it wasn't an incompatibility issue. No amount of livesuit, hardware resets, or button combinations will revive it. The battery charging icon doesn't even show it charging when on the wall charger.

    The vendor listed the tablet as a 1.5ghz machine and it shipped at 1.0 ghz. The vendor's response was that it "could" be overclocked to 1.5ghz but that is pure fantasy. He apologized for the "confusion" but that was it. The machine was responsive enough for my needs so I wasn't too upset.

    Now that it is dead, I am trying to send it back. I am debating if I should ask to pay the difference between the $150 I paid for it and a better model.

    Currently listed in stock are:

    The Onda vi40 dual core at $199 (ONDA Vi40 Dual Core - 9.7 Inch IPS Screen 1.5GHz CPU Android Tablet)
    The Yuando N90 @ $219 (YUANDAO N90 2 - 9.7 Inch IPS Screen Dual Core Android Tablet)
    The Cube u30GT at $229 (Cube U30GT Dual Core RK3066 10.1 Inch IPS Screen Android Tablet)

    The Cube does have the 1280 x 800 vs 1024 x 768 resolution.
    Is a dual core machine worth the extra cash?
    Is the Rockchip 3066 better than the AML8726?

    Are these machines supported on cyanogen/Sausagescript/etc. yet?

    Thanks in advance

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    Shenzhen, China
    Hi Neil, we have Onda Vi40 dual core in stock, $218.99 with free shipping.
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    i can wholeheartedly recommend the yuandao dual-core as i have just bought one myself & i'm very impressed so far. the speed doesnt seem that noticable over my sanai (a very similar device to the ampe a90) but there is much less lagging on video content & games are smoother. it boots up quicker too, but these are minor issues, it comes with ics 4.0.4 which is a big improvement over 4.0.3 in my opinoin. i'm still waiting for a stable upgrade for my sanei, i've seen a few problems reported so far so i'll wait for that.
    but the dual - core has no issues so far that i can find other than a few compatibilty problems with apps( i presume these will be sorted in time. here is a link to a supporting vendor who i trust with my tabs & accessories implicitly, they are friendly, helpful and above all honest. they don't sell oem (like my sanei! by the way) and offer shpping choices to suit they have always delivered in excellent time without problems &seem to genuinely care rather than many suppliers who just want your money then leave you either waiting an eternity for your tab, sell you something similar you didnt want or just fail to reply to any queries you may have..well worth a look at their site..you have nothing to lose in checking them out & you may just find what you want. good luck.

    RK3066 Dualcore Tablet PC YuanDao N90 Dualcore (Window N90 Dual Core) RK3066 Dualcore Tablet PC YuanDao N90 Dualcore (Window N90 Dual Core) [YD90D] - $257.99 : China Tablet PC - Android Tablet PC - Consumer Electronics Goods

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