Eken m006 Uberoid 88_wmt2.0_20110116 [rooted]

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    Eken m006 wmt2.0_20100910 mod: 88_wmt2.0_20110116-HcH:

    This is a modded factory firmware, cleanup up about 90MB of redundant/unneeded apps/settings. This rom is meant for those who have a Eken m006, 128MB version which in my case came with firmware version 1.9.1. Installation, extract \script to \sd, so you get the files in sd\script and start up your device.


    * Rooted
    * ADP Enabled
    * Working YouTube
    * Market with Enabler
    * Longer battery life
    * Window animation boost for quicker screens
    * Changed loading text
    * Replaced logo
    * cleaned up a lot of mess inside data.tar/android_fs.tar (phone etc.)
    * cleaned up SCN apps
    * Cleaned up dalvic cache
    * Changed default background
    * Added extra apps games
    * Added 10 extra backgrounds
    * Fixed hintbar
    * Fixed icons

    Extra apps/games:
    Advanced Task Killer Pro 1.9.5
    Androidvnc Build 20100819
    APK Manager
    App Monster Pro 1.8.4
    Beautiful Widgets
    Bowshooter Lite
    CacheMate for Root Users 2.6.3
    Dolphin Browser 2.5.0
    ES File Explorer
    Google Market 2.2.7
    Grenades As 1.1.3
    HiMSN 6.0.5
    Little Python 1.1.0
    Meridian Media Player Autonomy Pro 1.4.0
    Quick System Info Pro 1.5.2
    Remote Desktop 190
    Sam SlideME 4.0 (market app)
    Splat 13
    Throttle Copter
    WiFi File Explorer PRO 109
    Youtube LD

    Package it came in:


    Download @ -=[HcH's TechKnow]=- or www.techknow.freeforums.org
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