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    I am trying to find a road atlas for my tablet for UK & Europe. I am not trying to find anything for navigating I have a Tomtom for that, or any online solutions as there are plenty of apps like Googl Maps. I have a Ainol Elf 2, it doesn't have a GPS anyway.

    At the moment I carry about half a dozen road map books when we are touring Europe, thought it would be handy to have them on my tablet, a search function would be nice but not necessary. I have considered just using my camera to capture them as pictures but it wouldn't be a very god solution. Something like a very large scale picture of Europe which you could zoom in might work.

    I tried MapDroyd which looked like it would do the job but it only seems to let you have one map at a time loaded, it does have something about being able to download via PC but doesn't have info on how to do it or get the program to recognise any maps.

    Just thought an eBook atlas would be ok
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