Elonex eTouch 702 issues

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    Good afternoon

    I recently purchased the new on the market, Elonex eTouch 702 and have since encountered problem after problem with the device.

    I will not delve into all the issues as they are not all relevant right now, but the main issue which has really annoyed me is that I have been unable to run .apk files to my tablet.

    I am new to the android world but I will explain what I have done so far to get this working:

    I have copied and pasted .apk files to my sdcard from another device (my tablet is not recognised by my pc :confused:) in the root directory. I have even copied .apk files to folders within the sdcard to increase my chances of being able to located when inserting it the sdcard back into the tablet.

    After doing this I installed Easy Installer and ASTRO apk file finding thingies and have been unable to locate any of my .apk files on my SDCard.

    This problem is really starting to annoy me, I have tried downloading apk files from a range of sources, etc.

    Am I missing something? I have read people talking about ROOT or something but I don't have knowledge of this. Can anybody help me resolve this problem so I can happily start installing much needed apps to my tablet? Thank you in advance to all those who will share their experience and help.

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