Ematic Eglide 2 : roots, hacks, & apps, tell me how to get flash player & OS upgrade

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by Annika4, Feb 17, 2012.

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    ematic eglide 2
    I got what's in the title...it's got android 2.1 here are the rest of the specs: EMATIC MP3 PLAYERS I want to up grade the OS and cram a flash player (Adobe) in there somehow. :confused: I know it's a crappy ereader/tablet, but it's cheap, and if my kid brakes it, it's no great loss. I mainly got it for him to do speech therapy and learning apps as he has a neurological disorder and responds (learns) well to visuals and sound. I also got a Pandigital Star with android 2.2, but I don't really want to keep it because it is of cheaply made plastic. :confused: The Ematic is metal, but if you suggest the Pandigital is better and tell me how to get Adobe flash on it, I'll keep that one instead.

    - A4

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