Enspert Identity Tab thoughts?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Discussions' started by griffstert, May 2, 2011.

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    I'm looking for another 7" tablet to replace my old Archos 70. I would like something with a bit better build quality and found the Identity Tab. Things I like about this tablet:

    Non-Capacitive Buttons
    Better Screen then the Archos, I also like the edge to edge glass.
    512MB of RAM
    And full support of Google marketplace
    $300 price tag

    From a youtube video I found comparing the Galaxy Tab and the Identity Tab, the latter came out to be a bit faster. Which is nice! It comes with Android 2.2 which I am perfectly content with. I don't mind the resolution since it is the same as the Archos which I am pretty use to.

    Also from reading a bit about the GT, people have complained about how some applications were missing from the market; like ADWLauncher EX, my primary launcher I use on the Archos. This problem is also apparent on the Archos ( I had to do a "market fix" to temporarily get ADW).

    What do you guys thing of the Identity Tab? Do any of you have it and can tell me whether ALL apps show up in the market? Thanks!

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