Eren-Eben T3 with Android 2.2 and Wacom Stylus

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    While the ErenEben T-series is not going to get many future firmware upgrades, this is a high quality tablet which has previously attracted many corporate buyers, even Chinese government officials in the past. It will certainly continue to do so with the upgrades of this current iteration. The new T3 overtakes the previous generation T2 as the best wacom equipped Android tablet on the market.

    The ErenEben T3 is 1cm thick, comes with the Freescale iMX515 Cortex A8 processor at 800MHz, a 800x600 8" panel, a wacom electromagnetic stylus, customized software for stylus use, weighs 530grams, 512MB RAM, and a standard leather case.

    The firmware does include some apps optimized for stylus use as well.

    Retail pricing is 4980RMB (750USD)

    This is not a product that attracts the typical consumer, but is one of the better Android tablet packages to have come out of China for a while.

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