European Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Partially Lifted by German Court

Discussion in 'Android Tablet News' started by wicked, Aug 16, 2011.

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    The weird case of the European ban on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 has taken another twist today, with the same German court partially lifting the ban – and allowing Samsung to continue selling its tablet across Europe. But still not in Germany.

    According to the WSJ, the German court was concerned that it was over-stepping its powers in banning a Korean product from being shipped and marketed across the entire EU, so the ban is gone – although it still remains in place in Germany alone, with Samsung’s German unit not allowed to ship the tablet. A hearing is still scheduled for August 25th for Samsung to appeal the ban, though it has been relegated to a much smaller region.

    Source: Galaxy Tab Forums via WSJ

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    Its great to hear the germans not banning ALL of europe... (theres a joke here about ww2, but im not going there!) but as far as Apple is concerned, lets see if we can help them.. shall we??

    1) Babylonian Tablets ya know the ones used many THOUSANDS of years ago.. with whom mathematics is traditionally said to have begun.. Yep they are in big trouble for using tablets for maths! Of course, better known today as Iraq.. I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually Apple, not the US, who sent "troops" into those caves, looking for those tablet makers!

    2) Mesopotamian Legal Tablets Yep laws were made and written in stone (tablets) yrs. ago as well to make society better.. Hmmmm after all these yrs. Apple should have read those tabs, but I guess they could go after them now, for trying to copy Newton!

    3) Sumerian medical tablets.. Yep these are actually the earliest form of prescriptions. I suppose Apple can get Pfizer to sue them in tandem for illegally giving over the counter Viagra scripts on Apple tech???

    4) Egyptian Rosetta Stone.. Well ya gotta sue them because they practically invented a new language and only Apple believes that their tablets can only be used for education. BTW did ya know that there are Rosetta playing cards made in those days too?? Gosh I hope the makers of Angry Birds don't get involved with the Apple lawsuit as the earliest form of Angry Birds was played by throwing those tablet sized cards over things just to hit their friends for points!! Those crazy Egyptians!!!

    5) Australian Aboriginal message stones.. nah I dont think Apple has to worry about these guys, after all they were "emails" written on odd shaped stones... I mean what could possibly attract Apple to sue a proud tribe who eke out an existence living off the land and communicating in ways that seem iPad like???? whew, these guys dodged a bullet there!

    6) Gene Roddenbury.. yep a man instead of a company.. this guy created Star Trek. Watch those old ones sometime and check out that tablet Kirk uses at his command chair. Did everything. I suppose Apple could sue Paramount for creating a rip in the fabric of the Space-Time Continuum and pulling future Apple products back into the past to make $$$ on a show???

    7) Everyone, past, present and future... yeah just to be sure that no one except Apple has the rights to a rectangle! Ya gotta be kidding me.. Im sorry but I could have done a better job in the detail if I didn't have to go to work in a bit, schlepping kawfee @ $5.00 a cup to keep the walking dead awake enough to get through a day of drudgery... (hey???? Im on to something here??? nah, knowing my luck, Starbucks will sue me for stealing the secrets to making a cup of kawfee... geez what a world we live in folks!!!

    In the end I see the right for someone to protect its design, but in the end, its whats inside that counts.. if any company stole iPads, scratched the names off and etched their own and pawned them off as theirs is one thing. just protect the tech, ya cant patent a circle or square.. I just think its getting silly! But I really do agree that it is Android they are worried about, not the tabs themselves!

    Have a great day!

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