Everything Seems Corrected Now, Why?

Discussion in 'Android Tablet Q&A' started by LunaEros, Feb 21, 2014.

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    Could someone give me a theory as to what happened?

    I had screwed up my Huawei again.

    I had sorted out a problem I had with an app after changing primary storage from internal to sd when I was installing any new apps.
    After it got done, I noticed a little box kept coming up saying I only had 1.88g left.
    Like 1.88gigs is a miniscule amount.

    Well the system reports the internal 16g had 5+g open, the sd 32g had 27g or so open and my 128g usb thumb drive had the 1.88g.
    I don't understand why it seems to be thinking it's putting installs on the usb because it's set for the 32g sdcard to be the primary storage.

    So I went through my apps and started using the ICS settings to move apps to the sd.
    I must have moved some that don't like the sd. One that doesn't (I know now) is google play services.
    I went round and round trying to fix that and finally did by restoring a backup from 3-4 weeks ago but it didn't fix everything.
    The services worked again along with the play store....... well the play store works when I DON'T have the usb drive mounted.
    When it's mounted the play store app opens but won't connect.
    Oh. And it also restarts over and over.
    When the usb's mounted it restart after about 30 seconds. When it's not it restarts after about 2-2.5 minutes.

    After almost a day trying to fix this, I got irritated with it so I decided I was going to try to use the automatic recovery.
    I grabbed the firmware from Huawei's website on my PC and took out my SD card.
    I did not see a 'dload' folder so I put it in the 'Download' folder. Put the card back in the tablet and tried to start the recovery.
    I had the unlmt.cfg in there too but it did not automatically start so I tried again while keeping the volume pressed and it started.
    But after about 3-5 seconds it came up with the FAIL message.
    So I figure that maybe it DOES need to be 'dload'. So when it finishes rebooting I make a 'dload' folder and copy those files in there before it rebooted again.
    Which while I'm doing I also notice that under 'mnt' the files are in the 'sdcard' folder and not the 'sdcard2' folder which is where I thought it was mounted before.
    I guess when I switched primary storage to the sdcard it made the card mount under sd instead of sd2?
    So I had pulled the card out and was going to investigate that, but before I did, I decided to put it back in.
    When it rebooted this time while I was starting the file manager when I noticed it was connecting and download app updates which it was doing before but when it tried to install them
    before it kept failing but this time it was successful.
    So I kept watching it and everything seems to be corrected now.
    It's not rebooting by itself. It connects everytime. Installs are all successful.

    What the hell happened?
    Did the few seconds that recovery mode was active maybe fix some kind of file system problem?
    Does Android have some sort of 'healing' code built in that makes it eventually repair itself if it finds problems?
    Is the Android system alive and had seen that I was going to redo the system and got scared so it started behaving? (Joke of course)

    I don't get it.
    Can anyone give me some kind of theory as to what might have happened? Please?
    Because I'm afraid to reboot it again for fear of it being some sort of fluke.

    ANY ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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