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Discussion in 'Toshiba Excite 10' started by WasteLandSavage, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I am going to be getting in about a month the newer model Excite Tablet Mod# AT305SE-T16, I was going to get the older Model AT305-T16.
    But since the newer model has a faster quad 1.6ghz instead of the 1.2ghz that is a big plus to me, Not to mention it already having JellyBean on it also saves me from having to upgrade out of the box.
    This being said, Here's my question.

    I was looking for a Case/Stand for it, and I can not find one specific for the AT305SE, But I can find one specific for the older Model AT305-T.
    Will the Older Model Case still work with the Newer Model Excite AT305SE?
    Without any Modding?

    I know the Screen Protectors will because they have not moved the Cam.

    I've tried looking on Toshiba's site but that's not much help because the only list them as being for the Excite 10 without any Model compatibility.

    And if they aren't the same can anyone point me in the right direction?
    Any help I'd be grateful.... Thanks.... :cool:

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