Exclusive Apps Launched for Nook Tablet: Taptu Fashion, Taptu Food, & Taptu Lifestyle

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    Taptu, the award-winning social media and mobile technology company just announced three new exclusive apps for the reading-friendly Nook Color and new soon-to-come NOOK Tablet. Their new apps are Taptu Fashion, Taptu Food and Taptu Lifestyle.
    • Taptu Fashion is for those who love to follow up on fashion. It comes with a ton of pre-loaded content from Vogue. It also features content in the StreamStore from Fashionista, Jak & Jil, Nitrolicious and the Style Rookie & more!
    • For the budding chefs and anyone who just loves food, Taptu Food comes pre-loaded with content from sites such as Epicurious, Eater, Food Network and Saveur, and includes Anything from recipes to reviews flowing to you in touch based information streams.
    • If you like to follow pop-culture trends, then Taptu Lifestyle is the all-in-one app for you. It comes loaded with stories provided by Jezebel, Parenting and Daily Candy and many others.
    Taptu sure knows how to find those niche social content markets and bring them to our mobile devices! For more info, you can check out the full press release below, or go to their website, @ Taptu.com.

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    If one roots a Nook so that it runs something like CM7, will these "exclusive Nook" apps still work?

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