Expedia Hotels App now availble in the Android Market

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    With an app already on the iPhone, it appears now that Android users alike will be able to benefit from the popular discounted hotels site, Expedia.com. Android users will now be able to search for any hotel in the world on their Android smartphone. The app goes one step further from your average search and browse app though, it allows you to access TripAdvisor to check out reviews of prospective hotels along with their ratings. You can check out all of the specs and features of any hotel along with tons of pictures of each establishment. You can book hotels, get directions and check your reservation status right from within the comfort of your own phone.

    The app supports viewing in landscape, as most do, in order to accommodate for viewing on various devices. The app also supports 20 different local currencies for your added convenience. In addition, Expedia.com has enhanced their mobile site to give you a better overall mobile experience from your Android smartphone. The service has implemented “one-finger navigation” to search for hotels near your current location. Further check out images, guest ratings, reviews and detailed information on each room.

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