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    I purchase a Cube U30GT on 24th May 2012 to be shipped via DHL from redtabletpc as being newly discovered by me since I registered here and they are a supporting vendor with good reviews. I received the product on 7th June 2012 and noticed it does not charge. I reported to redtabletpc the same day that told me to send a video showing it not charging because supposedly they tested it before shipping. I sent the video. Upon see it, redtabletpc/Mr Jason Gao laughed and said it was charging properly when clearly there was no thunderbolt and in setting/battery it was displaying "Not Charging" which was shown in video I sent. I told him of this and he informed me to update to latest firmware, which i did and the problem still existed. They then advise me to:

    1. Charge for 8 hours while off to see any % change >>> Did not work it went down
    2. Try getting a 3rd party adapter.

    I tested the charger that came with the tablet using a multimeter that i bought the next day and it was dead/no output. Hence Mr. Jason Gao and I assumed it was only the charger and they was sending another charger for me. While waiting so long for the charger to come, the tablet which I used barely because I cant charge was at 28% when all of a sudden tablet cut off and does not power on whatsoever. I finally managed to get a 3rd party adapter ( Friday, June 22 2012) and it still does not charge or power on or go into recovery mode. I contacted redtabletpc (no reply as yet) and I will be shipping this tablet back to them on Monday 25th June 2012 via the address they gave me previously to ship.

    Will update further on my future experience with them

    Edit: Tablet has been shipped back with my own money Thursday, June 28, 2012 due to emailing redtabletpc numerous times to confirm the shipping address. DHL tracking: 1394674046. It arrived in their country Monday, July 02, 2012 and was in clearance delay. I then contacted DHL which said they are trying to contact redtabletpc and i should also contact them also which i did more than one occasions. Redtabletpc/Jason Gao inform me he will contact DHL the same day Monday. After an entire week contacting redtabletpc to ask them if they contacted DHL with no reply, I finally got a message Friday, July 6th, 2012 informing me they contacted them etc. They received the package Tuesday, July 10, 2012. Again after an entire week of no replies; I have opened a paypal case and the ending of this week, will escalate the problem (Still giving them the benefit of a doubt :confused:). Hopefully they will refund me this week and this frustrating matter can come to a end.

    Edit: I ended up having no choice but escalating to claim which took 10days and paypal decided in my favor and I got back my money.

    Note: Redtabletpc never contacted me!!

    Conclusion; The beginning before purchase redtabetpc replies to email and help was great but after contacting them about the defective tablet their service just deteriorated until they simply ignore you. If something goes wrong that is where their true colors shine. I would of lost my money if it had not been for paypal. I would never buy from them again.
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