Extending the battery life of the Telefunken TEL7J

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    Telefunken TEL7J and an HTC Phone
    I don't know if this is standard for the TEL7J but I have no slot for a sim card and so can not connect via any mobile carrier.
    However I was aware of this at the time I bought the tablet and was quite happy to just connect via wireless. Now I am finding that my battery life is very short only an hour or two and when I investigate the battery usage stats as provided by the device the huge majority (around 70 %) of my of my battery usage is going to "Cell standby". This is only my second day with this tab so I would really appreciate any tips from someone who has solved this problem.
    I added an App that allows me to switch to AIRPLANE mode when I am not using the device but this does not help when I am connected via wireless as turning the wireless on necessitates turning AIRPLANE mode off.

    The short version of my question is: how do I turn my "cell standby" off permanently?

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